by Jerry Vines

The Other Side of Death
Jerry Vines
Luke 16:19-31

Wednesday night at 8:19, TWA flight 800 took off from JFK International Airport on a flight for Paris. At 8:48 it fell off the radar screen and plunged in a ball of fire into the Atlantic Ocean. 230 passengers on that plane perished. Where are they now?

A mother and her nine-year-old son were on that plane. They were getting ready to go on vacation together. One moment they were on this side of death; the next moment they were on the other side of death. Where are they now?

A couple had been married for 50 years, like many in our church family. They had given themselves, as a wedding anniversary gift, this trip to Paris. They boarded the plane together in great excitement and anticipation. In a matter of split seconds they passed from time to eternity. Where are they now?

Sixteen students from a high school in Pennsylvania, members of a French Club, many were going on their first international journey. They got on the plane and in a matter of moments they moved from time into eternity. Where are they now?

All 230 of those passengers made a transition from life through death to eternity. It is a transition which all of WILL make. The great question arises - What are the important issues of life? There are some issues that are absolutely crucial. There are some that are all important. There aren't many of them in life. Some issues are not real important. There's a debate going now about whether or not Princess Diana should be called Her Royal Highness. That is probably not one of the crucial issues of life.

There are some people who are debating exactly how much money per minute per game Michael Jordan is going to make. That is not one of life's crucial issues. There are some things that are important to some people at some moments in time that are not important to other people. But there are some issues that are of universal importance to all people everywhere. In fact, there are three of these im ...

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