by Jerry Vines

Revelation 22:17
Jerry Vines

In just a little while I'm going to invite many of you to come forward and receive the Lord Jesus
as your personal Savior. It's a very special and meaningful thing when you receive an invitation. I guess
all of you have received an invitation of some kind in your life. Maybe you received a wedding
invitation or maybe you were invited to a party or maybe someone said, "Come and go with me to the
ball game." Or, "Let's go to the beach together." It really says a great deal about how important you
are and your worth for someone to give you an invitation.
In our services we have some music and a message. Then, we come to what we call the
invitation time. It's the most important time in our service because we are extending the most important
invitation you will ever receive. Now, I'm extending the invitation but the fact of the matter is the
invitation is really not coming from me. I'm what the Bible calls an ambassador for Christ. I'm taking
the place of the Lord Jesus and in the name of Jesus and for His sake I am giving you an invitation to
come forward to receive Him as your personal Savior.
Our text for the morning is what I call the last invitation in the Bible. It is a personal invitation
from God Himself. The God of this universe - a personal invitation from His Son the Lord Jesus Christ
that you might come, receive eternal life, go to heaven when you die and receive a life right now that
gives meaning and purpose and fulfillment to your existence.
This is a very important invitation and a very simple invitation. Three times he uses a little word,
come. It's a four letter word, but one of the good four letter words and is one of the most important
words in all of the Bible. 678 times in your Bible this word, come, occurs ...

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