by Jerry Vines

Job 8-10
Jerry Vines

This morning when I took my break from my study time and was passing through the den, Janet
asked me if I would come back into the den for a moment and look at a television program that was on.
I did and on that program they had a segment about Progeria children. Progeria means before or aging
before. That is the process of aging before a person is really old. These are children who are called
Progeria children. That means that they are little boys and girls but the process of aging has already begun
and they will grow old, physically speaking, and they will soon die. So, here were these precious little
children, children's minds, children's emotions, and yet they had bodies that were old. They looked like
they were 80 years or older. In listening to the interview of one of these children, one of them said that
when this first came to her and she saw that she had this particular disease, she asked the question, "God,
why me?" And some other things I'll talk about before I finish the message tonight. But that is the question
she raised in her mind and it is the question that many people raise in their minds about the things that have
come to them and the problems and difficulties they are experiencing.
This was the question that came to the mind of Job. Job was a man who lost his family, lost his
fortune, he lost everything that was near and dear to him. So, we find him sitting on an ash heap, scraping
himself with pieces of broken pottery. His friends have come and are beginning to accuse him. His friends
have taken the view that sin always brings suffering. That if you suffer it is because you have sinned. So,
the major part of the book of Job is really Job wrestling with the question, "Why me?" Why these
sufferings? Why these dif ...

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