by Jerry Vines

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Matthew 13:47-50
Jerry Vines

In looking at the stories which Jesus told there are seven of those stories which are grouped
together in Matthew 13. This is the seventh of those stories, and in these stories (parables as they are
called in the Bible) the Lord Jesus explains to us what's going on in the world -- what God is doing in the
world. It gives us an idea of what's taking place and it helps us understand the times in which we live.
No one could tell a story the way the Lord Jesus could tell a story. When Jesus told a story you
never, ever forgot what He had to say. In vivid word pictures the Lord Jesus Christ brought eternal truths
into language that people could understand.
Three stories Jesus told in this Matthew 13 chapter really hang together. In these three stories he
tells what God is doing in relation to the nation of Israel, to His people the born again, and to the world at
large. So far as the nation of Israel is concerned it is that treasure that is hid in the field. So far as the
church, the born again ones, are concerned it is that pearl that the Lord Jesus Christ sold everything He
had, paid His all on Calvary to redeem us and buy us unto Himself. In relationship to the world at large,
in relationship to the lost community, the Lord Jesus Christ tells a story about the net and He tells us that
we are living in the days of the great Gospel net. These disciples, when they heard this, must have really
identified with this one because many of the first disciples of Jesus were fishermen. So, they were on
familiar ground. They knew exactly what Jesus is talking about. This is why Jesus uses language that they
could understand, because he wants them to identify and understand what he is trying to get over to them.
That's why when the Lord Jesus cal ...

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