by Jerry Vines

Acts 1:9-12
Jerry Vines
1996 Pastors' Conference
First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL.

Most of us live in so many of life's valleys that it does us good every now and then to climb a
mountain. I feel a need tonight, for my own personal benefit, to climb the second-coming mountain and
I hope you won't mind taking that journey with me for a little while.
I heard Dr. R. G. Lee tell about one of his deacons who got caught in a storm in Kentucky many
years ago. A farm family took him to spend the night and the next morning the farm wife prepared him a
wonderful, wonderful breakfast in a big wooden bowl. She had biscuits, gravy, eggs, sausage, and bacon.
There was a little pig there in the kitchen that would come over to the deacon and grunt. The farmer would
push him off and he would come back again.
The deacon said, "That sure is an affectionate pig."
The farmer said, "Affectionate, nothing. He's just complaining because you are eating out of his
I hope you won't mind eating out of my bowl for a little while tonight. Sometimes you preach to
be a blessing to others, but sometimes you preach for yourself. I want to preach tonight to encourage my
own heart and maybe it will encourage you as we climb the second-coming mountain.
Many years ago I had an old mountain preacher back up in Georgia say to me that every great
event in the Bible takes place on a mountain. I have decided he was not far from the truth. If I want to learn
theology, if I want to know who God is, then I climb old rugged Mt. Sinai and I hear God say, "I am that
I am."
If I want to study Christology, I want to know who Jesus is, then I climb snow-capped Mt. Herman
and I see the humanity and the divinity of the Lord embraced in transfigured splendor.
If I want to know about salvation, ...

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