by Jerry Vines

Exodus 33
Dr. Jerry Vines

On Mount Sinai God gave to Moses the tablets of stone on which
were contained the Ten Commandments and he also gave him the plan for a
magnificent structure known as the tabernacle in the wilderness. In
Exodus 25 we begin the instructions which God gave to Moses for the
building of that magnificent tabernacle. Right in the very middle of
those instructions we have a parenthesis which tells us about Israel
worshiping the golden calf. It is in this parenthesis experience that
Moses asked God to let him see His glory. The reason for the tabernacle
is because God knew that man would be unable to keep the law which he
had given. Man, the children of Israel, when God gave the law said,
"all that the Lord commands we will do and be obedient." They said we
will do, but they didn't. No sooner had God given the Ten Commandments
than most of those commandments had been broken in the orgy around the
golden calf. That is the need for the tabernacle. Moses came to
understand that the people needed an atonement. They needed someone who
would be willing to pay the price for their sin. So, in Exodus 32 you
remember that Moses offered himself to God. He said, Lord, I'll be
willing to die in order that your people may live. What Moses could not
do, and what you and I cannot do, in that we cannot die for the sins of
another -- the Lord Jesus Christ did that day when He died on that old
cross for your sins and my sins. That's what the tabernacle beautifully
displays. It is a beautiful picture of what Christ came into the world
to do that day outside the gates of Jerusalem when He made the atonement
for the sins of the whole world.
Moving into this 33rd chapter of the book of Exodus I want to
give you a sketch of the contents of this chapter, moving to the request
of Moses that he might see the glory of God.
We learn in the opening verses of this chapter first of all -
What the Lord - REPEATS.
I ...

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