AI AND I (7 OF 12)

by Jerry Vines

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Ai and I (7 of 12)
Series: Joshua
Jerry Vines
Joshua 8

In this chapter the Children of Israel are going to get back on course in God’s plan for them to conquer the land of Canaan. God had promised them the land. It was theirs to possess and as they obey the Lord, live clean lives, stayed close to the Lord, God would give them the victory.

The seventh chapter brought a defeat. It was one of the worst defeats the Children of Israel had ever experienced. At the little city of Ai. The problem was there was sin in the camp. God has specifically said that they were not to take any of the plunder of the city of Jericho, but a man named Achan disobeyed the Lord. When he took of the forbidden thing the result of that sin, that unconfessed sin in the Children of Israel was defeat at the little city of Ai. God has now exposed the sin of Achan. He has judged the sin of Achan. Achan has been punished. That’s out of the way, now they can have victory in the Lord again.

Sin chokes the channels of God’s power. But when sin is dealt with the channels are opened up and God’s power can flow once again. So, they are going back now for the second battle of Ai. They are going back to the very place where they had a defeat and there on that very ground, God is going to give them a victory. Israel’s place of greatest defeat is going to be one of the places of their greatest victory.

Back in the 16th Century there were two cities in Italy that were in military and naval war against one another. The city of Genoa and the city of Venice. In one of their naval battles the Genoa fleet suffered a terrible, terrible defeat. So, the ship was taken back to the city and it went through a series of repairs. Then, when it was repaired the admiral gave the command that they would return again back to the place of their defeat. One of his officers said, ‘‘What, are we going back to the very place where we were routed?’’ The admiral said, ‘‘We are going back to the place that was m ...

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