by Jerry Vines

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He Was Buried (2 of 4)
Series: The Easter Good News
Jerry Vines
I Corinthians 15:1-4

It is very important that we understand what the Gospel is. The word, Gospel, means good news. In these verses in I Corinthians 15, the Apostle Paul lays before us in very clear, simple, understandable terms what the good news is. It is the only news that people can hear that will bring them salvation. You have to hear this good news and believe and receive this good news if you are going to heaven. Everybody wants to go to heaven and so everybody needs to hear the good news.

It's interesting to note that the Word of God makes a very, very important point concerning the burial of the body of the Lord Jesus. Jesus was crucified by the Romans. Normally, when the Romans crucified a person they would leave the body on the cross. Exposed to the weather the body would rot and fall to pieces. Sometimes the animals and the birds would ravish the body. Sometimes the Romans would consume the body on the cross with fire. This was all so detestable and repulsive to the Jewish people that as a concession to them the Romans would take a body down from the cross, throw it into an obscure ditch or on a burning garbage heap.

I have a feeling that the disciples of Jesus must have been very anxious about the body of our Lord. Probably the disciples of Jesus wondered what would happen to the body of Jesus after it is taken down from the cross. The Bible says that the Heavenly Father was already making arrangements for the burial of His Son.

I come from a little county seat town in Georgia. One of the things they have on the radio every morning is what they call the obituary column of the air. That means that they read the names of the people who have died. I used to say that the old folks in my home town would get up in the morning, listen to the obituary column, and if their name wasn't called they would go back to bed. Every morning they would read the obituary column of the air and t ...

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