by Jerry Vines

The 9th Commandment
Exodus 20:16
Dr. Jerry Vines

This week the book by Kitty Kelly entitled, Nancy Reagan, The Unauthorized Biography, has hit the bookstores and skyrocketed to number one or the best seller list in America. It has created quite a sensation in the country because it is an open frontal attack on the
wife of our past president, Ronald Reagan. Those who have reviewed and are commenting on the book have commented in various ways. Some have said that the documentation is rather inadequate. Others have said that the sources of the book are questionable to say the least. Many in the field of writing and journalism have questioned the very methodology of Miss Kelly's book. It seems to be another genre of literature today which is known as trash biography.

The question is who is telling the truth? Is she telling the truth or are the people who are denying what she says telling the truth? I do not know. You do not know. I have my own opinion. I have the opinion that there are many people today who are willing to do anything and say anything and write anything just to make a dollar. It is a sad day in America when people are willing to take those who have been used in unusual ways, really, to be a blessing and a help to our country and try to pull them down by this kind of sleazy journalism.

As I was thinking about this particular book this week, a verse of Scripture came to my mind. The last chapter of Revelation, the 15th verse - it talks about those who are going to be outside the city of God. Among those the Bible says will be those who love and who make a lie. I had not noticed that combination before, but the verse says those who love a lie and those who make a lie. There seems to be something about us that causes us to either want to tell a lie or to want to hear a lie. In fact, we have a whole new field of journalism and writing and publication today -- the scandal sheet. They are absolutely ridiculous - the tab ...

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