by Jerry Vines

Christ and the Cross
Jerry Vines
Matthew 16:21-27

I am going to read verses 21-27. I believe that verse 28 would be better put in chapter 17. I believe that the chapter division here takes away from the understanding of verse 28. Read verses 21-27

The Lord Jesus has told Simon Peter about the purpose of His church and the fact that He is going to build His church. Jesus spoke those words in response to the great affirmation of Simon Peter when he said, ''Thou art the Christ, the Son of the Living God.'' The Lord Jesus complimented Simon Peter because he passed that first examination. Up until this point, the Lord Jesus has been trying to get his disciples to understand who He really is. Examination time has come; Simon Peter has answered the questions correctly and Jesus Christ has given him and A+.

In verse 21 it says, ''From that time forth began Jesus to talk about His cross.'' Jesus is going give his disciples lesson number two. He is going to tell His disciples His real purpose of coming into the world, that He is the Christ, the Son of the living God. That His real purpose is to die on the cross. Jesus wants His disciples to understand that His whole purpose is wrapped up in the cross. The cross, God's plus sign in a minus world. The cross, where Heaven and Earth, and time and eternity converge. The cross, where man was at his worst and God was at His best. The cross, where God proved His love for man in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

In verse 21, the Lord Jesus presents the concept of the cross. Notice in verse 21 the repetition of the conjunction ''and''. Several times Jesus Christ will say ''and,'' ''and.'' It is a figure of speech designed to help us take each stage of what is said very carefully, meditatively, slowly to understand what is being said. It is like the deliberate cadence, a drum beat of deity as Jesus Christ marches to His cross. He wants us to understand everything that He ...

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