by Jerry Vines

The 8th Commandment
Exodus 20:15
Dr. Jerry Vines

Talk about the timing of the Lord. Isn't it just like the lord
to arrange it so that we will be studying the commandment which says
"Thou shalt not steal" the night before April 15 - Internal Revenue
deadline. Tell me the Lord doesn't have a sense of humor.
I noticed when I came in I saw several people who had gloomy
expressions on their faces. I realize the reason is because they have
to put that check in the mail tomorrow. If your ship ever does come,
Internal Revenue will be there to help you unload it. You don't have a
chance in the world of making a whole lot of money as long as there is
Internal Revenue.
I heard about a person who wrote a letter to Internal Revenue
and said, "My conscience is bothering me, I owe you some money that I
have not paid. Here is a check for $100.00. P.S. if I still can't sleep
I'll send the rest of it." We'll send all we can tomorrow so we will be
able to go to sleep.
These three commandments of God really kind of tie together.
Where God said, thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not commit adultery and
thou shalt not steal - really what you have here is God safeguarding of
issues that are vital to life. The sixth commandment safeguards life
because God says thou shalt not kill. The seventh commandment
safeguards marriage and the family because God said thou shalt not
commit adultery. This commandment safeguards property for God said thou
shalt not steal. These commandments right here just give us the basic
building blocks of a moral society. In Time Magazine back in January of
this year, America's most renown child psychiatrist, Robert Coles of
Harvard, was commenting on the fact that in many of our schools in the
nation we have rejected spiritual values. This is way he says: "This is
one of the great problems in American public schooling. The teachers
are afraid to bring up moral, let alone spiritual questions, for fear
that the ...

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