by Jerry Vines

Exodus 20:14

The 1631 edition of the King James Bible came to be known as the
Wicked Bible. It seems that when the printers were getting ready to
print that particular edition, an error was made and one word was left
out of verse 14. The word, not, was not included in that edition and it
read, "Thou shalt commit adultery." On the basis of contemporary sexual
morals it seems to me that there are many people who prefer the edition
of the Wicked Bible. We seem to be living in an atmosphere and in a day
when this commandment of God is more disregarded and belittled than any
other time in the history of our society. The Seventh Commandment is
the Creator's law which guards the chastity of marriage, the sanctity of
the family and the preservation of society. Violation of this
commandment of God has been a source of broken homes; it has been a
source of wrecked lives; it has been a source of disease and even death.
So, in America, when it comes to our sexual morals we look for the most
part like one Kuwait City morally.
WPe are living in the day which has experienced the sexual
revolution. It started back in the 60's really or before and has
continued to our day. Every where there seems to be a total assault on
this commandment of God. God says "thou shalt not commit adultery."
But man has scorned, ridiculed and belittled this commandment of God.
So, we are living in a time when from every source there is an attack on
God's commandment concerning sexual purity. We see it in the area of
entertainment. Comedians ridicule this commandment of God. Movies and
television make sexual immorality a common occurrence. Very rare, on
television, are lovers husband and wife in a marriage relationship. It
seems they are always outside the relationship of marriage. By means
of camera angles and makeup they create images of people, that do not
exist, in the minds of American people so that America is giv ...

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