by Jerry Vines

The 6th Commandment: The Sanctity of Life
Dr. Jerry Vines
Exodus 20:13

To get us into the sixth commandment, I want to read verse 12 which is the fifth commandment. Then we'll follow the flow of the commandments right on into verse 13. Honor thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee. Thou shalt not kill. In that statement our God, for all time, has established the sanctity of life.

This week, President Bush, as he presented his 1991 Crime Bill said the killings on the streets of our nation must stop. They must stop now. He is saying basically what is given in this commandment - thou shalt not kill.

In the preparation of my message this week, I decided I would just very closely watch the newspaper and listen to the news and see where we are in America and where we are in Jacksonville, Florida. here are some of the things that have taken place this week.

A sailor was convicted of the slaying of a mother and a daughter. He killed them both with a hammer. He attempted suicide two times this week. God says thou shalt not kill.

There is a new move out about the drug gang scene entitled New Jack City. It was show in New York City and a 19 year old young man was murdered. That movie is being shown right now in Jacksonville, Florida. God says thou shalt not kill.

A tearful mother this week testified before the Florida Legislature pleading with them that they would make it possible that when a person is found to be drunk, at least they will be kept in jail until they sober up and not be released again on the streets. God says thou shalt not kill.

In Channelview, Texas, a mother hired a hit man to kill the mother of another girl who was competing with her girl for a slot as a cheerleader. God says thou shalt not kill.

In New Hampshire this week a 17 year old boy, on his birthday, tearfully admitted the murder of the husband of his school teacher named Pam. He killed him with a 38. He said ...

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