by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Joshua 20

There is a real blessing and a real lesson in
store for us in this chapter. As the Children of
Israel settled the land which God has promised to
them, several cities were assigned for specific
purposes. There were 48 cities selected where the
Levites were to live. The Levites were the ones who
were charged with the responsibility of taking care of
the sacred things of the Lord, the house of worship
and those kinds of things. So, 48 cities were given to
the Levites. In those 48 cities of the Levites there
were six cities that were set apart and called
specifically cities of refuge.

Back in the book of Exodus, God spoke through
Moses and told them that they were do this. In the
Promised Land they were to have six cities set apart
and specifically designated as cities of refuge. If
a person accidently killed someone. Didn't intend to
do it, there was no malice, no premeditation in the
matter, he was able to flee to these cities and he
could find a place of refuge. When you study the
Bible you will find that the Bible teaches the
sacredness of human life. The reason we believe in
the sacredness of human life is because God teaches
that life is sacred. In Genesis 9:6 it says, "Whoso
sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed.
For in the image of God made he man." That's why we
believe that abortion is wrong. That's why we believe
that suicide is wrong. That's why we believe mercy
killing is wrong. The Bible sets forth for us the
sacredness of human life.

The Bible also sets aside or lays before us the
justice of God. As you study this whole subject of
the taking of human life you will find that God, in
the Bible, makes a distinction between premeditated
murder and involuntary manslaughter. The justice of
God distinguishes between these two. There is a
difference in God's justice between the person w ...

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