by Jerry Vines

EXODUS 20:12
Dr. Jerry Vines

A newspaper editor decided he would print one of the Ten
Commandments every day for ten successive days in his newspaper. At the
completion of the including of the Ten Commandments a reader wrote in
and said, "Cancel my subscription, your paper is getting too personal."
We are going to get very, very personal now in the weeks that are to
follow because we are coming to these commandments that have to do with
our relationships with one another. You remembeer that the Ten
Commandments were given by God to Moses on tablets of stone. The two
tablets of stone remind us that these commandments have to do with the
two vital relationships of life. First of all, man's relationship to
God. That's the first four commandments. Second of all, man's
relationship to his fellowman. That's the next six commandments. Of
course, you know that these two come together. You can't be right with
your fellowman if you are not right with God. If you are right with God
then you are in a position to be right with your fellowman. The Lord
Jesus summarized all the Ten Commandments this way when He said, (1)
love the Lord thy God and (2) love your neighbor as yourself. These two
great seationS of the Ten Commandments tie together. They belong to one
another. Our relationship to God -- our relationship with one another.
They also tie together religion and morality. A great deal of
the reading I've been doing lately about public school education I have
been finding that many people are recognizing the fact that we need to
return to teaching of some kind of values and morals in our schools. I
certainly applaud that. By the way, I'm grateful for those who are
believers in our school system, those who are Christian teachers. I
applaud them for their efforts. Really we are assigning our school an
imposibi& tas- YQu cannot teach morality apart from religion.
So, we we kicked Bible reading out of the schools and then ...

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