by Jerry Vines

Jerry Vines
Christ and the Human Conscience
Matthew 14:1-12
September 17, 1989

I want us to consider one of the blackest episodes in the Bible. It is the account which explains to
us why Herod the King murdered John the Baptist in cold blood. What we have here are three primary
characters in a very tragic scene. There is first of all King Herod, secondly, his wife Herodias, and third,
there is John the Baptist.
Some have described these three as the New Testament equivalent of the Old Testament Ahab,
Jezebel and Elijah. You have first of all the wicked king, secondly a she-devil wife and thirdly a courageous
prophet. The scriptures tell us that this Herod was Herod Antipas, the son of Herod the Great. Herod
Antipas was very much like his ungodly, vicious father. Jesus referred to him one time as "that fox" and
indeed he was. He had inherited all of the cruelty and the craftiness of his father, Herod the Great.
On an occasion we are told in these versus that the message about the Lord Jesus made its way
to the palace. When they heard about Jesus in the palace, the scripture tells us on other accounts, that there
were a variety of opinions and theories as to who this Jesus was. Some people said that he was a prophet,
other people said he is one of the prophets, some people said he is Elijah. I could almost imagine Herod
shaking his head and saying "everyone of you are wrong. I know who he is, he is John the Baptist whom
I have beheaded. He is risen from the dead".
That statement from Herod is a very interesting statement to me because revealed in the statement
of Herod about the Lord Jesus, we have a graphic picture in the Bible of the human conscience. I want
to speak to you on the subject of Christ and the Human Conscience. The Bible says that all of us have a
conscience. When you are ...

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