by Jerry Vines

Don't Abuse God's Name
Dr. Jerry Vines
Exodus 20:7

Two of the Ten Commandments have to do with sins of speech-. This commandment - don't take God's name in vain and the ninth commandment - thou shalt not bear false witness to thy neighbor. One of God's most beautiful gifts to man is the gift of speech. Among many things this is one of the things that distinguishes man from the animals. God has given to man the ability to express himself and to express himself in marvelous, unusual ways. Isn't it a tragedy that man would take the beautiful gift of speech and would misuse that gift. To misuse that gift, for instance, to curse man. In James 3:9 the Bible says - therewith (the tongue) curse we men. What a sad thing that people would take the gift of speech and use it to curse men. An even sadder thing it is for someone to take God's beautiful gift of language and use the gift that God has given to him as a means of abusing and misusing the name of God Himself.

Our Lord Jesus, in the model prayer, taught us to pray: Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. May your name be honored.

I want to talk tonight about this commandment - thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.

I. The DEFINITION Of God's Name.

In the Bible sometimes names were used for particular reasons. A name sometimes would identify character. There was a man in the Bible named Nabal. His name means foolish and Nabal was a foolish man indeed. Sometimes parents would give names to their children as expressions of hope and adoration. By the giving of that name they would express a great ambition for that child. Sometimes a name would be given in the midst of certain circumstances. When Benjamin was born, his father Jacob, named him Benjamin which meant the son of my right hand. So, names speak of character and reputation.

The name of God always had to be revealed. Man can never comprehend God by his own reason. But God has to reveal himself to man. In the rev ...

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