by Jerry Vines

Judges 2
Jerry Vines

Every generation faces either degeneration or regeneration degeneration. That's the great
lesson of Judges 2. In the first chapter of Judges we have given to us the political and the social
compromises which Israel made with the Canaanite culture around them. The Lord had placed them in
that land, given them the command to conquer the land, but instead of conquering and being victorious
they found themselves accommodating the Canaanite culture and becoming more and more like them.
The second chapter gives you the spiritual background for those compromises. The story is
always in the background. The message is always the spiritual causes that contribute to the situation in
which a nation finds itself. When we look in America tonight and see the political upheaval and we see
the social disruption that's going on in America, the only way to really understand it and know what's
going on is to see the spiritual situation in the background of the nation.
When you read the first chapter, in and of itself, it doesn't really seem to be all that drastic. It
doesn't seem to be all that serious. They were told that they were not to compromise but they
compromised just a little bit. Not a whole lot, just a little bit. I have the idea that they just took the
attitude "well we can just live and let live." So, when you come to the end of the first chapter you will
find that the Israelites had moved all the way from fighting the pagan culture to fearing that culture until
now they are dwelling in peaceful co-existence with that culture. Just a little bit of disobedience. Just a
little bit of wandering away from the Lord. To be sure God had told them to make no leagues as verse
2 tells us. To be sure God had said there were to be no compromis ...

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