by Jerry Vines

A Faith that Won't Let Go
Matthew 15:21-28
Jerry Vines

I want us to have a faith that won't let go. That's the kind of faith I want us to live by in our life.

Don't miss the significance of what is said in verse 21. In that verse you will notice it says that Jesus goes into the coast of Tyre and Sidon. It is more than just a pleasant little trip Jesus is taking. It is more than Jesus just getting away for a time of relaxation and a time of rest. When the Scripture says that Jesus goes into Tyre and Sidon, he is moving out of Jewish territory into Gentile territory. Of course, Matthew is writing this Gospel in order to show that Jesus is indeed the Messiah of the Jews. He has a much wider purpose than this also. You will remember at the conclusion of Matthew's Gospel, Jesus said to his Disciples - ''Go into all the world and make disciples.'' Matthew wants us to understand that Jesus is not merely a national Messiah for the Jews, but He is also a world-wide Savior for all men. Jesus is intended to be the Savior of the whole wide world.

In Mark's Gospel, Mark says when Jesus got over into Tyre and Sidon that He could not be hid. That is certainly true in every are of life. Jesus cannot be hid. If Jesus is in a church that can't be hid. The word will get out and people will know that Christ is in that church. It's true in a family. If Jesus is in a family then you can't hid Him. The neighbors will find out that Jesus is there. Those who come in contact with the family will know that Jesus is there. Jesus cannot be hid.

That is true in an individual life. If Jesus is in your life, sooner or later, people are going to know that there is a difference in your life and the difference is the Lord Jesus Christ. I think so many times of the word that was said about the disciples when it said that the people took knowledge of them that they had been with Jesus. It's not so much what you say that causes people to know it, it is the way you live. It is how you ac ...

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