by Jerry Vines

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Friendly with the Enemy (8 of 12)
Jerry Vines
Joshua 9

This book is the Old Testament illustration of the New Testament truth of victory in the Lord Jesus. The Bible says that Christ has given us the victory, now by faith we go in and we claim that victory in the Lord. The book of Joshua in the Old Testament tells us how we claim the victory which is ours in the Lord.

This is a very interesting story and I think you will find it to be helpful to you in your Christian life.

What to do when you make mistakes? All of us make mistakes. In the O.J. Simpson trial, for several days, investigators have been on the witness stand and the defense counsel has been trying to demonstrate that the detectives have made a series of mistakes in the investigation. Of course, the answer to that and the truth of the matter is that they have made mistakes. There is no one perfect on the earth. The only perfect one who ever walked on the earth was the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. So, always when human beings get involved in anything, mistakes are made.

Warren Wiersbe had something rather interesting about mistakes. He said, "A dentist's mistake is pulled out. A lawyer's mistake is imprisoned. A teacher's mistake is failed. A printer's mistake is corrected. A pharmacist's mistake is buried. A postman's mistake is forwarded. An electrician's mistake could be shocking." All of us make mistakes.

So, I want us to learn tonight is not that we make mistakes but what to do when we make these mistakes and how to get victory even though we have made some mistakes.

The opening verses of the chapter, the first thing I want you to notice is the cooperation of these kings. In the land of Canaan they had a series of little petty kings who ruled over city states and they were actually constantly fighting and in battles with one another. Now, in the presence of this common enemy, the children of Israel, these that were normally enemies of one another we are told in vers ...

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