by Jerry Vines

Part 2
Exodus 15-18
Dr. Jerry Vines

We have been looking at a slice of the life of Israel in their
wilderness journey. There are basically four points I want to lay on
your heart in this particular message last week and now this week. Last
week we saw Israel living in the wilderness. We saw that in the
wilderness they experienced a variety of circumstances. The same thing
is true for you and me. Life has its bitter times. Life has its sweet
Secondly, we talked a little bit last Sunday night about feeding
in the wilderness and we saw how God supernaturally provided for His
children during the 40 years of wandering in the wilderness. God gave
them manna and quail to eat. God gave them water out of the rock to
drink. If God could supernaturally provide for two million plus
Israelites for 40 years in the wilderness, you and I don't have to be
afraid whether or not God can take care of all of us. His eye is on the
sparrow. Not a sparrow falls to the ground without the notice of the
heavenly father. The Bible says that God feeds those little birds and
you and I are more important to God than the little bird -- He will care
for you and for me. Living in the wilderness. Feeding in the
wilderness. Tonight we are going to put together the final two points
of the message. We are going to talk about battling in the wilderness
and secondly, witnessing in the wilderness.
As I was preparing this message I had no idea at the particular
time that we would be in the circumstances we find ourself in tonight.
We are a nation tonight at war. So, when I came to this verse and
looked at it again in verse 8 I was aware of the fact that Israel in the
wilderness was faced with a hostile foe. They were faced with an enemy
and there was a war. That just brings up the whole question about what
the Bible has to say about war.
We know that the Bible looks upon and regards war as an evil.
War is a terrible, awful thing. I ...

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