by Jerry Vines

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Song of Solomon 5:2
Jerry Vines

This is the third of the books in the Old Testament which are written by Solomon the great
king. Solomon prayed and asked God that He would give him the wisdom to know how to be the kind
of king that God wanted him to be. God gave him more wisdom than he ever dreamed he would have.
The Bible says that Solomon became the wisest man who ever lived. People came from far and near to
hear the wisdom of Solomon.
The Queen of Sheba came and heard all of his wisdom and after she had heard Solomon speak
she said, "the half has never yet been told." Solomon wrote three books. The book of Proverbs when
he was in the mid part of his life and he was filled with that wisdom of God. He wrote the book of
Ecclesiastes when he was an old man, when he had squandered the gift of God and then wasted that
gift and had nothing to do but to wait to die and explain to God why he had wasted his life.
The Song of Solomon was written when he was a young man and in love. He fell in love with
a young Shulimite girl, married her and they began a relationship together. The Song of Solomon gives
us certain insights and certain glimpses into that relationship in a series of poems. The poems are not
apparent to us as poems in our literature because when we think in terms of poetry, we think of the
rhyming of words. When the Hebrews wrote poetry they had rhymes of ideas and that's the way they
went about it. So, it's not apparent to us in our English version of the Bible, but you actually have a
series of five different poems that picture the love of King Solomon for his beautiful young Shulimite
We are making two basic interpretations in our study through the Song of Solomon. We are
looking at it as a literal picture of that kind of godly love ...

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