by Jerry Vines

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Song of Solomon 6:4-7:13
Jerry Vines

We are following two primary interpretations of the Song of Solomon. We are giving some
consideration to the literal interpretation which shows us the picture of the godly love that should exist
between a husband and his wife. Godly marriage, the kind of godly love that the Lord intends couples
to have.
We are also following a spiritual interpretation which sees in this book and in the relationship
between the bride and king Solomon a pre-picture of the love which waxes and wanes between a
redeemed soul and its Redeemer. We are looking in the fourth of the series of poems, love poems,
which Solomon composed about his relationship to his beloved bride.
We noticed first of all that there was a complication. Solomon came. She was unresponsive to
him. She took his love for granted. So, he withdrew himself realizing what she had done. She had been
aroused herself, she responded, but he had gone. Then she describes him and in the course of
describing him to others she realizes again just how much he really means to her and how much she
really loves him.
That has a literal application and it also has a spiritual application. One of the best things in the
world to do to maintain a proper love for your mate is to dwell upon those things about her or him that
are very special to you and that are positive to you. There were some things that caused you to be
attracted to that fellow in the first place. So, you ought to spend more time thinking about the things
you like about him than the things you don't like about him. If the devil can get you dwelling on the
negative in your mate and seeing all of the faults and all of the things you don't like, then he will interfere
with that relationship and that love that ought to be there. The same thing is true spiritu ...

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