by Jerry Vines

Footsteps In The Sea
Dr. Jerry Vines
Exodus 14-15

The children of Israel have been delivered from Egyptian bondage. They are on their way out of Egypt because of the shed-blood of the Passover lamb. So, you and I, because of the shed-blood of the Lord Jesus Christ have been redeemed from the bondage of sin. We are redeemed by the precious blood of Christ as of a lamb without spot and blemish. But now having been delivered from the bondage of Egypt they are on their way to their inheritance. So are we. The Bible says that through the Lord Jesus Christ we have an inheritance that fadeth not away reserved in heaven for us. There is one more obstacle for the children of Israel before they make their exodus from Egypt and it is the forbidden Red Sea just ahead. It is the account of the children of Israel going through that Red Sea which forms the basis of my message to you tonight.

I want to call your attention, first of all, to

I. The PROBLEM - 14:1-9

The Israelites suddenly find themselves faced with a two-fold problem. There is first of all the problem of perplexing circumstances. In Chapter 13:17 we are told that God did not lead them through the way that was near, but rather verse 18 says that God led them about through the wilderness of the Red Sea. I got out my maps and looked at the geography of the land and I saw that from Egypt where Israel was, into the land where they were to go was really a journey of about 150 miles. Maybe about like a trip from here to Orlando. It was not a long journey and they could have made that journey in a brief period of time. Yet, God did not lead them in the most direct route, but rather the Bible says he led them through the wilderness. Perplexing circumstances. Life sometimes is like that. Life is not always lived in straight lives. Sometimes we go the round about way. In Deut. 8 the Lord tells why HE led them that way. He said, “I led you through the wilderness to humble thee, to prove thee, to find what was in ...

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