by Jerry Vines

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Song of Solomon 8:1-14
Jerry Vines

We are looking at the final chapter in our study of the Song of Solomon. There are five beautiful love poems given to us in the Song of Solomon. Each one of them teach us a different aspect of love. The first one is what I have called first love. The second is faltering love. The third one is fragrant love. The fourth one I called fruitful love. Tonight I call this one fulfilled love.

The reason I selected the study of the Song of Solomon for this summer is because love is the key ingredient of the entire book. Our church functions on the basis of love. Everything we do is built around the theme and foundation of love.

A few years ago I was asked to write an article about our church and why God blesses our church. I said basically three things in that article. Number one, the Lord blesses our church because we love Jesus. Secondly, because we love each other. If you want to get into a loving fellowship, in an atmosphere of people where love really exists, then you get involved in a Sunday School or some aspect of the work of our church. We love one another. Number three, God blesses us because we love lost people. Love is the answer. Love is the reason. Love is the basis for everything we do.

The three things I have just mentioned, love for Jesus, love for one another and love for lost people always has to be in that particular order. I mean by that that love for the Lord Jesus always has to be number one. If I love Jesus the way I ought to love Him, I will love my fellow believers the way I ought to love them. In turn, I will love lost people as I ought to love lost people. It all starts with my love for the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Song of Solomon and these series of love poems are something I believe actually took place. I believe we have here the love songs that Solomon, the great composer wrote for his beloved Shulamite bride. I have used th ...

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