by Jerry Vines

Exodus 11-13
Dr. Jerry Vines

The land of Egypt lies in ruins. A successive series of plagues
has been sent by the Lord to show the land of Egypt that the Lord God is
indeed God. Moses had gone before Pharaoh and had given the command of
God, "Let my people go." With a sneer on his face Pharaoh had replied,
"Who is the Lord, I don't know the Lord." So, the Lord just seems to
say, I'll introduce myself. And in seven plagues the Lord God
demonstrates the total futility of the gods of Egypt and their
helplessness to withstand him. When it is all over the Israelites and
also the Egyptians know that the Lord God omnipotent reigneth. Now it
is time for the tenth and the final plague. Pharaoh has hardened his
heart. He has said, "I will not let the children of Israel go." So a
tenth and final plague is going to come upon the land. It is in the
setting of this final plague the death of the first born in all of the
land of Israel that God teaches the great lesson of how every person who
has ever lived can be saved. There is only one plan of salvation.
There aren't two plans. There aren't three plans. It is not a multiple
choice matter. There is only one plan of salvation. It is the same
plan that was found in the Old Testament. There are not two gospels;
there is one gospel and there is only one way for a person to be saved
and we learn that way of salvation in these three chapters we are going
to study tonight.
There are several areas we are going through together.
I. The Land in Condemnation.
The land of Egypt is now a land in condemnation. It is a land
under the judgment of God. Condemnation for sin has fallen heavy upon
the land of Egypt. In the condemnation and the death which Egypt
experiences there is a spiritual illustration of what it means for to be
under the condemnation of sin.
Exodus 11:1 - "The Lord said unto Moses, Yet will I bring one
plague more upon Pharaoh and upon Egypt." The word that is used ...

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