by Jerry Vines

Jerry Vines
Matthew 26:35-56

Beginning in verse 36 - 39

By the light of a full moon, the Lord Jesus led His disciples thorough the narrow streets of Jerusalem, out the gate and down to the brook Kidron. At this time of the year, the brook Kidron was choked with water. Temple sacrifices had been made of literally thousands of lambs, and the drainage had brought the blood of those lambs down to the brook Kidron. That night as Jesus crossed the brook with His disciples, it was filled with blood from the sacrificial lambs.

Just across brook Kidron, there was a garden place known as Gethsemane. Jerusalem was a very crowded city and property was at a premium. Many of the wealthy of Jerusalem would go outside of the city on the slopes of the Mt. of Olives and have a private garden spot. This may have been a spot that was owned by the friends of the Lord Jesus. It was special garden that Jesus would go from time to time for rest and refreshment and pray.

Judas Iscariot knew quite well where it was. It was a place were Jesus and the disciples met on many occasions. Gethsemane means oil press. It is evident there was a press there and the olives were crushed and the oil would to begin flow.

And so late this night, the Lord Jesus goes into Gethsemane, the oil press, where He Himself will be crushed like an olive and the oil of salvation will begin to flow. It is significant that the night before His cross, He goes into a garden. It was in a garden the first Adam deserted his will to the ruin of the race. It is in a garden that the last Adam, the Lord Jesus, deserted His will to the redemption of the race.

Let us follow the Lord Jesus into the garden of Gethsemane...

The Bible tells us it was a garden enclosed. When I think of what took place in Gethsemane, it is indeed a closed place to me. There are mysteries which took place in Gethsemane which defy our ability to understand. We will never be able to understand, this side of Heav ...

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