by Jerry Vines

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GOD'S GRAND OLD MAN (10 of 12)
Jerry Vines
Joshua 14

In chapter 13:1 will explain where we are in our
study in the book of Joshua. It says, "Now Joshua was
old and stricken in years and the Lord said unto him,
Thou art old and stricken in years, and there
remaineth yet very much land to be possessed." When
you read that in the light of what was said in the
last verse of chapter 11 it seems that we are dealing
with a contradiction. Joshua 11:23 says, "So, Joshua
took the whole land according to all that the Lord
said unto Moses and Moses gave it for an inheritance
unto Israel according to their divisions by their
tribes and the land rested from war." It says in
chapter 11 that the Lord gave them the whole land,
they took the whole land. Then in the 13th chapter it
says there was very much land to be possessed.
There's a distinction here that has to be made and the
apparent contradiction will clear up. There are no
contradictions in the Bible. The contradictions are
in our minds. Rather than being contradictory the
statements here are complimentary.

There's a difference between inheriting something
and possessing something. You might receive a house
as an inheritance, but if you never move into that
house then you really don't possess that house. There
is a difference between ownership and occupancy. It's
possible for you to own something and never really
occupy it. There are people who have houses all down
the Atlantic Ocean here in Ponte Vedra. They live up
north and are hardly ever down here. This is just
another house - two or three million they drop to just
visit occasionally. They have ownership of the house
but they really don't live there so they don't have

The same thing is true in our spiritual life.
The book of Joshua is the book that explains our
victory in the Lord Jesus. It is an Old Testament
illustration of the New Testament trut ...

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