by Jerry Vines

(Part 2)
EXODUS 3:1-10
Dr. Jerry Vines
I'm trying to identify some of the ingredients that came into
Moses' life that were used by God to prepare him to be the leader that
god wanted him to be.
Back in the second chapter we looked at his protection. Even
though he had to go into- the Nile his parents put him in the ark and
even thought he was in the Nile he was in the ark. God protected him.
Then we saw his education and how he had his spiritual training before
he got his formal training and that gave him the foundation he needed to
be able to encounter the kind of things he would hear in academic
settings. Then we talked about the complications in his life when he
took matters in his own hands and tried to do what God really wanted him
to do, but he didn't follow the timing of the Lord. He didn't wait on
God and let God put him where he needed to be a the right time.
So the account ended with him in his isolation on the back side
of the desert. For 40 years Moses was in a desert setting, tending
sheep. Don't you imagine in those 40 years he must have wondered where
God was. Don't you imagine that for 40 years Moses must have wondered,
what went wrong. I had the feeling in my heart. I had the great burden
that God had given to me to lead my people out of the land of Israel and
it's all gone down the tubes. Where is God? What is God doing in my
life? Sometimes God gives us these times of isolation in our life when
we seem to be on the shelf and we really wonder what God is doing. I
want to encourage you as we read about Moses to say to you that if you
are going through a wilderness experience in your own personal life, it
may be that God is just getting ready to break through in your life in a
new and wonderful way. You may be on the verge of God's fulfillment of
His great plan and will for your life.
I think about a college classmate of mine when I read this. We
were taking a course on radio and t ...

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