by Jerry Vines

Jerry Vines
Matthew 12:1-50

This is one of the most fascinating and interesting
chapters in all of the Bible to me. I want to share some
of the things with you tonight because I think it will be
an encouragement to you.

When the Lord Jesus came into the world the Bible says
"He came unto his own and his own received him not." One
of the greatest tragedies was when Jesus came to his own
people, the people who had been waiting for the coming of
the Messiah all through the centuries, they rejected Him
and had no room for Him. The leaders of Israel rejected
the Lord Jesus when He came. In the early days of His
ministry they seemed to have been attracted to Him and
admired Him. They even invited the Lord Jesus for dinner.
But as the Lord continued His ministry and His teachings it
became very, very apparent that he and the religious
leaders were going in opposite directions. They were
interested in religion; Jesus was interested in redemption.
They were interested in something that happened on the
outside. Jesus was interested in something that takes
place on the inside. So, they rejected the Lord Jesus
Christ and they hounded Him until finally they drove Him to
the cross and there they crucified the Son of God on the

It was not popular to be a follower of Jesus in those
closing days. In the closing days of the era in which you
and I live it is not popular to be a follower of the Lord
Jesus Christ. Never think that this old world loves Jesus.
Never think that this old world will be happy with you if
you love the Lord Jesus.

So, Matthew 12 is a chapter of conflict and
controversy. There are some great controversies in this
chapter that I want us to touch on. The first one begins
in verse 1 and moves right on through those opening verses.

I. The SABBATH Controversy.

vs. 1 - "At that time J ...

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