by J.D. Greear

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Prayer to God, Your Sovereign Father (3 of 4)
Series: Start
J.D. Greear
Matthew 5:5-19

We’re on week 3 of START, a 6-six week series on the six most essential things you need to master to thrive in the Christian life.
-Week 1: Assurance of salvation.

-Week 2: Knowing how to read the Bible.

-Week 3 is on prayer: What is prayer supposed to look like and why do you have such a hard time doing it? (to cut right to the chase).

A lot of you like BAD COP/good cop pastor from last week. I’m going to bring him back this week. (Trying to get program guys to shine a light on you for this section…)
-Bad Cop: For most of you, your prayer lives are pathetic. I shared with you earlier this year that (DA Carson said) if you really want to embarrass the average Christian, just ask her to tell you about her private prayer life. You can answer pretty well…awkward shuffling.1
--And that’s a burden to me because I’m going to show you today that according to Jesus you can measure a person’s relationsip to God by how much they love to pray (not by how much they do it; or how eloquently they do it, but how much they love to do it when no one is around.

-GOOD cop: Many of you struggle to pray because you just have a hard time making your prayer times meaningful.
--You imagine prayer to be some sweet, mystical communion with God where you get swept up in his arms and visions of rapture now burst on your sight…

--But you close your eyes and start to pray and then there’s this time warp… 20 minutes later you come to and realize that you’re thinking about the new Blacklist episode you watched last night… and you’re not even sure the stream of consciousness that led you there…
--You were praying for your kids which reminded you that you needed to work out a ride home from soccer practice for them which reminded you of how you know your kid has been hiding from you the fact he’s not doing well in school which reminds you of what a good detective you think you would ha ...

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