by Jerry Vines

Revelation 6:9-17
Jerry Vines

With the coming of the 6th chapter in our study of the Revelation, we come to the period of
time which we call, Great Tribulation on the earth. Here is Bible prophecy about what is going to take
place in the future when the Lord Jesus Christ comes in the air, catches up His people to be with Him
forever, then the Bible says that there will be great tribulation on the earth. Things will not be over
down here for a period of additional years. This is Bible prophecy. We are reading something which
has not taken place, but which is going to take place.
One of the reasons we can believe that this will take place is because it is God's Word and
another reason is because in the Old Testament everything God predicted came to pass.
I talked about the prophecies related to the coming of Jesus into the world. How that the
tremendous odds of all of these things being fulfilled made it seem to be absolutely impossible that they
would come to pass. Yet, to the minutest detail everything the Old Testament predicted about the
coming of Christ was fulfilled.
So, when we read the book of the Revelation and there we see what God has predicted will
take place in the future, we can know it is going to be just exactly the way God says.
In the 6th chapter we have the opening of the seven seals. The first seal we saw, the rider on
the white horse, and we identified this rider as the anti-Christ. The world ruler who will come. He will
take charge of the government of the world, the economics of the world, and he will rule the kingdoms
of this world for a period of time. In the wake of the coming of the first horse, the anti-Christ, there
were also three other horses that came -- war, famine and death.
With the opening of the fifth s ...

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