EXODUS 1:1-16

by Jerry Vines

EXODUS 1:1-16
Dr. Jerry Vines

Most of the books of the Bible have one great overriding,
dominant thing. For instance, the book of Genesis is the book about
creation. The same is true about the book of Exodus. It has a
dominating theme. Genesis is the book of creation -- Exodus is the book
of redemption. In Genesis we learn how man became a sinner. In Exodus
we learn how God provided a Savior for man's sin. In Genesis we find
out how man got into sin. In Exodus we find out how God takes man out
of sin. That's why the book is given this particular title - the book
of Exodus - because Exodus literally means the way out. There are three
great lines of thought you'll find in these 40 chapters in the book of
Exodus. You will find the first 18 chapters have to do with the exodus,
itself, the experience when God went down into Egypt land and led the
Children of Israel out of the land of bondage -- the exodus. Then
chapters 19 - 24 we have the giving of the law -- the Ten Commandments,
the moral and ceremonial laws of God. Then in chapters 25- end of the
book you have the account of the construction of the tabernacle -- that
meeting place where God came down and met with the Children of Israel on
their wilderness journey. So, you have the trip, the tablets and you
have the tent. In this account of the book of Exodus you see God's
great plan of redemption. You see, first of all, how God saves the
people. Then secondly, how God separates the people. Thirdly, you will
discover how God sanctifies the people. That will be our theme, our
purpose, as we read through the book of Exodus. Actually, we will study
this book on two main tracks. First of all, we are going to study it on
the historical track. In other words, we are going to look at this
history of the Children of Israel, led out of the bondage of Egypt
through the wilderness and to the promised land. It is actual history.
It actually occurred. Archaeologists, in recent years, hav ...

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