by Jerry Vines

Psalm 139
Jerry Vines

We continue our series of studies on the book of Psalms which I have called Songs to
Live By. These were actually songs that were sung in the Old Testament times by the Jewish people as
they gathered to worship God in the Temple. Singing has always been a part of the Christian faith and
of all of those who have a right to sing and ought to sing, it ought to be God's people. Psalm 139 is one
of the greatest of all of the psalms. I study a psalm and I think it's my favorite psalm, I like it better than
any of them. Then I study another and say this is my favorite. Well this is my favorite psalm, at least
for this Sunday.
In Psalm 139 I want you to think with me about the greatness of God. Have you ever though
about how great the God we know and serve is? It is natural for people to believe that there is a God.
People are born into the world believing that there is a God. An atheist is someone who says that there
is no God. I guess if there's a funny page in the newspaper of heaven, the cartoon section would be
reserved for those who say there is no God. The Bible says, "The fool hath said in his heart there is no
God." His head knows better, but somebody has been messing with him. Anytime you see a person
who says there is no God, just keep it in mind that some foolosopher has been messing with his head.
Atheism is as unnatural to human mind as whistling is to a turtle. But the atheist is the person
who says there is no God. On the other hand the agnostic is the person who says there may be a God,
but I don't know if there is a God or not. I was talking to a brilliant young professional in our city just a
few days ago, trying to give a tactful witness to him about the Lord. He said to me that he was an
agnostic. An agnostic is ...

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