by Jerry Vines

How to Be Born Again
Jerry Vines
John 3:1-15

Some weeks ago I was talking to a man in Jacksonville, giving a witness for the Lord, trying to lead him to faith in the Lord. The man said to me, ''I'm a Christian but I'm not one of those born-again Christians.'' Have you ever heard anybody say that? The term, born-again Christian, is a term that a lot of people are hearing today and we always ask the question, are you born again? Someone says, ''I'm a Baptist.'' That's wonderful, are you a born-again Baptist? Somebody else says, ''I'm a Methodist.'' Are you a born-again Methodist? So, the question is - are you born again?

I was preaching in revival meeting a number of years ago in a very fashionable church in Atlanta, Georgia. I started off the revival meeting that morning with a message on the new birth. After it was over two little ladies with big fur coats came up to me and said, ''O, Dr. Vines, we are so glad you talked about being born again today, we've always wondered what that means.'' A lot of people wonder what it means to be born again. If somebody asked you what it meant to be born again, would you be able to explain it to them?

I'm going to talk to you today about what it means to be born again and even beyond that I'm going to talk with you about how you can be born again. The big word in the Bible for born again is the word, regeneration. When you see the word, regeneration, it means literally born again. Every generation needs regeneration. I preached last Wednesday night on the fact that every generation will either experience degeneration or regeneration. According to the words of the Lord Jesus Christ regeneration, the new birth, being born again is something that every individual needs to experience.

The Bible talks about regeneration, not reformation. There is a difference between the two. Reformation is something that happens on the outside. Regeneration is something that happens on the inside. Reformation is putting a new coat on ...

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