by Jerry Vines

Ruth 1
Dr. Vines 11/24/85
Ruth is one of two books in the Bible named after a woman. The book
of Esther is the other. They make an interesting comparison.
Esther is the story of a Jewish woman who married a Gentile king. Ruth is the
account of a Gentile woman who married a Jewish man. Esther begins with a
feast and ends with a funeral. Ruth begins with a funeral and concludes with a
The book of Ruth always reminds me of the first date I had with my
wife, Janet. I was a country preacher and had called this beautiful Atlanta
girl for a date."What would like to do?" she said.
I was real cool, "See if there is a good revival somewhere."
She spent all week looking for a revival meeting! All she could come
up with was a movie entitled, "The Story of Ruth." On our first date we went
to see "The Story of Ruth." Quite frankly I can't tell you much about how Ruth
looked, but Janet sure did look good!
Verse one provides a brief history lesson. The setting is "when the
judges ruled." Ruth is located right after the book of Judges. Judges tells us
about the terrible conditions prevalent in the Nation of Israel at that
iparticular time. They were days of darkness and tremendous corruption. The age
was characterized by political anarchy, spiritual apostasy, and personal
apathy. The last sentence of the book of Judges says,
"In those days there was no king in Israel: every
man did that which was right in his own eyes." (Judges 21:25)
There was no authority. Everybody did his own thing. The children of
Israel were not supposed to do their own thing; they were supposed to do God's
thing! Because they wandered from God's Word and will, they found themselves in
a very dark period of their history. Yet, this lovely little book shows us that
in the darkest of days, there are always some people who love the Lord. The
book of Ruth is like a shining pearl in the pig pen of the book of Judges. In
the worst of times there wi ...

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