DANIEL 12:5-13

by Jerry Vines

Daniel 12: 5-13
Dr. Jerry Vines

These are the final words the Lord gives to his man Daniel
who has faithfully lived for Him all of the days of his life.
Now an old man, the Lord is unveiling to him the final
mysteries that will be revealed to him as his book comes to a
conclusion. Most of the book of Daniel, especially the last
part of the book, has to do with revelation concerning
prophesy, things the Lord revealed to Daniel, that would take
place ahead of his time. God gave to Daniel an outline of all
of the nations from his time until the end times. Most of the
things we read in Daniel tonight have already been fulfilled in
history. When Daniel received the revelations they were
prophecy. Now in the course of time they are history.
Prophecy is nothing more than God writing history ahead of
time. God knows everything from the beginning to the end.
There is nothing that God does not know. I remember a few
years ago I was up in Atlanta, Georgia going to the Peach Bowl.
One of our men had invited me to go with him to the Peach Bowl
and he was involved on the committee that was sponsoring the
game that night and he said, "Would you like to see the
parade?" I said, "Sure, I would like to see the parade." So
he took me up to a hotel room on Peach Tree Street and we
looked at the parade. But we were so high up in that building
that I could see the beginning of the parade and the ending of
the parade at the same time. Now each individual unit came in
front of me, but I could see all of the beginning of it and I
could see all the way to the conclusion of it. Now that's the
way history from the viewpoint of God. You and I see history
in little bitty segments. We see the time in which we live,
the days in which we exist, but the almighty, all knowing,
eternal God sees everything in the eternal present. All
history is present as far as the omniscience of God is
concerned. So when God predicts something in the Bible you can
confidently k ...

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