by Jerry Vines

2 John
Jerry Vines
2 John

I want us to study what may be the most neglected book in the entire New Testament. I've never heard a sermon on II John. I've taught it a few times in my own teaching through the Word of God. I believe there is a real message from God for our hearts in the little book of II John.

John has three letters in the New Testament. I< II< III John. John wrote five of the books of your New Testament. There is the Gospel of John, the three letters of John and then there is the Revelation which was written by John. In the writings of John the entire Christian life is encompassed. The Gospel point to the past and speaks to us of our salvation. The letters point to the present and they speak to us of our sanctification. Then the Revelation points to the future and speaks to us of our glorification.

So, God used John as a human instrument to speak to our hearts about the basic essentials of the Christian life. There are three words which summarize what the Christian life is all about in its past, present and future. The word which describes the past is the word, faith. By faith we receive what Jesus did for us at Calvary's cross 2,000 years ago. So, in John's Gospel, John writes about faith in Jesus Christ believing that Jesus Christ is the son of God.

Love describes what should be the present attitude of every believer. In the letters of John he deals specifically with the subject of love. The Revelation deals with hope. Hope is the word that describes the attitude and the outlook of the Christian as he looks toward the days of the future.

So, the Spirit of God used John to speak to us about faith, love and hope. The little book of II John is a little book which has a special message to us about love. The greatest theme in all of the Bible is the theme of love. There is no more important theme. There is no greater theme. There is no greater characteristic of the Christian life than is the characteristic of love.

But, the little b ...

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