by Jerry Vines


Mark 1:14-34

After a fast-paced introduction, John Mark moves directly into the great Galiliean ministry of our
Lord Jesus. There is some evidence John Mark was something of a reporter. Some believe he was
won to Christ by Simon Peter. He became a constant companion of Simon, probably he wrote down
the sermons which Simon Peter delivered. These were eye-witness accounts of what Jesus actually
said and did. As you read the book of Mark you are aware of the fact that he is moving quite rapidly
and giving you eye-witness accounts of what Jesus actually did. This is why the words'immediately' and
'and' are used so many times in the gospel of Mark. All through chapter 1, Mark says, "And
immediately." Mark is a gospel of action. He shows Jesus Christ on the move. He is not so interested
so much in what Jesus had to say as he is in what Jesus did--the actions of the Lord, the activities of
Jesus. A good newspaper headline for this particular section, might well be two words from verse 14-
-Jesus came. This is the headline for the Gospel Journel in this section. John Mark is saying to us--
Jesus came. As we look in these opening sections of the first chapter of Mark's gospel, we see Jesus
actually doing what He had come to do. (See Mark 10:45) Jesus came. There are three activities of
the Lord which arrest our attention in these verses. Jesus came--
After John the Baptist was confined in prison, Jesus came into Galilee preaching. John is in prison but
Jesus continues to preach. The messenger may be in prison. Stop the messenger but the message can't
be stopped. Paul said one time, "I am in bonds but the Word of God is not bound." Do what you will
to the messenger, the message which Jesus came to preach is a message of truth which can never be
stiffled nor bound.
What a thrill to notice that Jesus Christ was a preacher. Jesus came preaching. John the Bapt ...

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