by Jerry Vines

Daniel 11
The eleventh chapter of Daniel is a very lengthy,
detailed, and complicated chapter. There are matters there if
we took the time to really go into them step by step and verse
by verse, it would be of very little interest to you. What
Daniel wrote in this chapter for the most part has already been
fulfilled in history. When God revealed these things to
Daniel, all of it was out there in the future. The entire
forty-five verses of this chapter where still ahead as far as
Daniel's day was concerned. But when you get down through the
thirty-fifth verse of the chapter and we study what's found
there, all of those opening verses have already taken place in
history. There are some amazing and wonderful and thrilling
stories that are found beneath the surface of this historical
account in the Old Testament. The first two verses have to do
with Persia. The verses three through four have to do with
Greece. Verses five through thirty-five have to do with the
battles between Egypt in the south and Syria in the north.
Many great personalities of history are predicted by Daniel in
these verses. For instance, Alexander the Great is predicted
in these verses and we know just exactly as God revealed to
Daniel this man Alexander came and did exactly what God said he
would do. Also a man named Antiaphus of Antiphanis is revealed
in these verses. Cleopatra is found in these verses. So many
personalities of history are embedded in these verses. But the
significance of these verses for you and me tonight is that it
shows us the remarkable power of God in predicting accurately
the future. Someone had pointed out that in the first thirty-
four verses of this chapter, there are 137 prophesies all of
which were fulfilled just exactly as God said they would. Now
it's because of prophesy in the book of Daniel that the Bible-
haters and the critics have attacked the book very severely.
If you don't believe that God has the power to predict the
futu ...

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