by Jerry Vines

(10 Igo How To Life For Jesus All Of Your Life
Daniel 9:20 -23
Dr. Jerry Vines
In the ninth chapter of the book of Daniel God gave me a message
which is especially prepared for this particular service and prepared
with our young people in mind. It is the message entitled "How To
Live For Jesus All the Days of Your Life." I want to read verse 23
of the ninth chapter of the book of Daniel. You know we're moving
through the book of Daniel together and the Lord is getting ready to
give Daniel one of the greatest prophecies that was ever given to a
man with the possible exception of what God gave to John on the Isle
of Patmos. No man ever received a prophecy as significant and far-
reaching as did the Prophet Daniel. "For thou art greatly beloved;
therefore understand the matter and consider the vision."
I think I can say without fear of contradition that Daniel is
one of the greatest men who ever lived in the history of the world.
In all of the Bible Daniel has to stand tall as one of the heroes of
the faith - a man whose life exhibits a love for the Lord from the
first time we see his life all the way through to the concluding
times. Daniel exemplifies what the desire of my heart is and that
desire is to live for the Lord all of the days of my life.
Over in the New Testament the Apostle Paul groups together three
rather interesting N.T. characters who revolved themselves around his
ministry. One of those young men was a man named John Mark. Now you
remember that John Mark did not start off very well. He didn't have
a very good beginning in his Christian life but went home and did not
follow Paul and the others in the mission party as they went on their
mission journey. He turned and departed back from Jerusalem and Paul
refused to let him go on the next journey. John Mark didn't start
very well. But when you come to the last letter of Paul to young
Timothy, something has taken place and John Mark has recovered
himself. So Paul says " ...

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