by Jerry Vines

Daniel 10: 1-8
For three whole weeks Daniel prayed and there seemed to be no
answer to his prayer. Do you know what it is sometimes to pray
and get no answer from heaven? There is just something that is
a burden on your heart and you desperately need to hear a word
from God, you pray but for some reason there seems to be
absolutely no answer to your prayer. Men in the Bible
experienced the same kinds of things in their dealings with
God. Daniel needed to hear from God yet the heavens seemed to
be brass and the voice of God seemed to be silent. Daniel was
in desperate need of a real blessing from the Lord. What
Daniel needed was a new touch of God upon his life. You've got
to keep in mind that Daniel has been living for the Lord all of
the years of his life. As a young man he made a decision not
to defile himself with the king's meat or the wine which he
drank. To give himself totally and unreservedly to the Lord.
So all through his life, Daniel has known what it's like to
have the touch of God upon him. Daniel was just like every one
of us in this building. From time to time we need a new touch
from God. There are times when we just need the Lord to bless
us in an unusual and a special way. I think there are times
when a church needs a special touch upon it. I'm praying as we
approach this revival meeting and as we come into the revival
that God will give a new touch of glory upon this church.
God blesses us and we praise Him and we thank Him for what He
does, but I have a feeling that God wants to touch us in a new
way. God wants to do something new and special and different
in our fellowship. Also, on a personal basis, aren't there
times when you feel the need of a brand new touch of God? You
need the Lord to come down and be real in your life. You've
just been operating by radar for a good long while now. You've
just been reading the signals in the fog. What you need is the
clouds, to be lifted, the Lord to come ...

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