by Jerry Vines

The Seventy Weeks of Daniel
Daniel 9:24-27
Dr. Jerry Vines
This has to be the apex of all the prophecies that God revealed
to Daniel. This just really caps it all and pulls all of the
prophecy of the Bible together. It has been called the backbone of
all prophecy in the Bible. If you get an understanding of this par-
ticular prophecy right here, you have a framework that will help you
understand all of the prophetic statements made in the Bible. If you
will understand this and get the time periods involved, then take
what you learn here into the book of Revelation, it will help you
understand how Revelation is put together and God's program for the
end of the ages as it moves along period by period and stage by
Now you remember that the angel Gabriel has come from heaven to
Daniel and the angel Gabriel is revealing to Daniel prophecy con-
cerning the end time. Now the Lord says through Gabriel to Daniel
that there will be seventy week determined. What we have to do first
of all is look at the particulars of this prophecy. The first thing
to notice is the matter of the seventy weeks. The question is
raised: what does he mean when he talks about seventy weeks? Does he
mean weeks of days like seven days in a week? If so, that would mean
490 days. Well, it's very obvious when you read everything that is
predicted here, he cannot be using the word weeks to refer to seven
day weeks. It is generally agreed by Bible teachers that the word
weeks which means sevens - seventy sevens - is meaning a seven of
years. In other words seventy sevens - seventy times seven years -
and so there is a prediction made here of a period of time of 490
years. Now the second particular we've got to notice is to whom this
particular prophecy is addressed. You will notice that Gabriel said
to Daniel, "Seventy weeks are determined." That word determined
means absolutely sure. It will occur without fail. It is absolutely
impossible to hinder it. Everyth ...

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