by Jerry Vines

I Timothy 6:17-21
Jerry Vines

These verses which close Paul's letter to the young man Timothy have to do especially with the
matter of wealth or with riches. He's talking in verse 17 about those who are rich. Back in verse 9 of
this chapter he talked about those who wanted to be rich. "But they that will be rich..." In other words,
those who want to be rich. Probably that verse would include most people. Most people would like to
be rich. They would want to be rich. But in verse 17 he talks about those who are rich. "Charge them
that are rich in this world."
Immediately when I make that statement and you read that verse you say, "that doesn't apply to
me, I'll just tune out this morning and I won't have to pay a great deal of attention. I certainly, certainly
am not a rich person. That passage of Scripture doesn't have anything to do with me, I'm not rich at
all." I want to simply remind you of the fact that so far as the rest of the world is concerned the lifestyle
that you enjoy as Americans would make you rich in the eyes of most of the people of the world. You
and I, by the standards by which most of the people in the world have to exist, are indeed very, very
There is a warning in this passage to those who are rich, to those who have material things.
There is no condemnation of those who are rich. There is no put-down on those who have material
things or those who enjoy material things. Rather there are some questions raised in this passage which
everyone of us in this building need to carefully consider.
Today's Father's Day. If you look at the new ties the men have on, you would understand that
it is Father's Day. This passage can have a great deal to say to fathers because fathers normally have
the main responsibility to provide th ...

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