by Jerry Vines

Daniel 9:1-19
Dr. Vines 3/27/88
If you will take to heart the simple suggestions I have tonight,
your life will be changed. You will never again be the same person if
you will put into practice in your life what I'm going to talk about
in this message.
In the latter verses of the ninth chapter of Daniel, there is
one of the greatest prophecies in all of the Bible. We are in the
prophetic portion of the book of Daniel, and we have discovered that
the latter chapters have to do with the prophecies that God gave to
Daniel concerning Gentile world power at the end-time. There is no
greater prophecy in Daniel than the closing verses in this ninth
chapter. In fact, I believe that this particular prophecy is the key
to all of the prophecy in the Bible. If you understand what Daniel
has to say in these closing verses, then you have the framework which
will help you understand the entire scope of prophetic Scripture in
all of the Bible. But before we go into this prophetic matter I want
to deal with a very, very practical and down-to-earth subject. Look
for moment at the last verse of the eighth chapter. This is just
prior to Daniel going into chapter nine. In the eighth chapter we
have a tremendously important and complicated section of Bible
prophecy. God has revealed all of this prophecy to Daniel. After that
revelation of prophecy Daniel says in verse 27:
"And I Daniel fainted, and was sick certain days;
afterward I rose up, and did the king's business..."
That's an interesting statement. Here is a man who has just been
given by God, prophecies that reach into the ages and into the
hundreds of years into the future. Yet, in the midst of that kind of
prophecy Daniel says, "And I did the Lord's business." When you study
Bible prophecy, if you study it aright, there is always a practical,
down-to-earth message for your heart. If you really understand the
purpose of Bible prophecy you will know that the purpose of that

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