by Jerry Vines

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Seeking The Pearl - Part 2 (2 of 2)
Matthew 13:45-56
Jerry Vines

This is the sixth in the series of seven parables in Matthew 13 which Jesus says explains the
mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven. We are going to look at number six today. The pearl of great
price is one of the most familiar parables Jesus ever told.
When the world looks at the work of God on this earth, for the most part, it sees God's work in
its failure, its inconsistency and its corruption. The world may come to the conclusion when it sees
outwardly what appears to be going on in the work of God that God's work on the earth is an utter
failure. In fact, there are writers who say that God's work has failed. That the church of the Lord Jesus
Christ is a dismal failure and that God is no longer significant and no longer vital in this universe.
Jesus told a series of seven parables. The first four of those parables He told to the multitudes
at large and when you read them you will discover that Jesus very pointedly dealt with the outward
failure of His professing church on this earth. But then Jesus went into the house and the Bible says that
His disciples came to Him asking for some explanations of the parables. When Jesus was inside the
house speaking only to His disciples, He told the final three parables. In the parable of the hidden
treasure and the pearl and the net, Jesus lets us know what is going on behind the scenes.
Outwardly it seems that God's work is failing but there is more than meets the eye on the
outside. God is at work. God is doing a special work with three distinct groups of people on the earth.
For instance, as we studied last Sunday morning, the parable of the treasure hidden in the field, lets us
know that god has a special treasure, the nation of Israel, and that God is doing a work among His
chosen people, Israel.

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