by Jerry Vines

Daniel 8:1-27
Dr. Vines 4/30/88
Perhaps it's not apparent to you as you read this 8th chapter of
Daniel, but this chapter is a great proof for the inspiration of the
Bible. One of the ways I know the Bible is the inspired Word of God
is because there are remarkable passages found within its pages that
cannot be accounted for apart from the inspiration of God. There are
many great proofs to me that the bible is God's Word. One great proof
is what God does in a church when the Bible is preached. You just
take a man of God who has the Lord in his heart, who allows the Holy
Spirit to use him and he begins to preach the Bible. I have seen a
Bible preacher go into a church that was a very dead church, begin to
preach the Word of God and I have seen that church absolutely come to
life. There is always life when the Bible is preached in a church. We
call our church the Miracle of Downtown Jacksonville. I live thirteen
miles from church, some of you live more miles than that. Think about
it. On Sunday morning, we have to have two services. We are not into
an overflow situation in both of our Sunday morning services. On
Sunday night we are filled and have to have Children's churches and
Junior High Churches to get folks here. On Wednesday night, you come
back and the building will absolutely be packed. Why is this so? Why
is this church growing? Why is there an evidence of life in this
fellowship? If we were standing up here preaching from Shakesphere or
if we were quoting from some of the eminent literary giants in the
history of the world, it wouldn't be many weeks when this building
would empty out and you could fill it full with bales of cotton.
Because you see, the only thing that can really bring life to a
church is the preaching of the Bible. So, I know the Bible is
inspired because of what it does in a church.
Of course, I know another great proof that the Bible is inspired
is what the Bible does as it changes th ...

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