by Jerry Vines

Daniel 7:15-25
Dr. Vines 3/13/88
We will consider the one that Daniel was given a revelation of known as
"the little horn". In Daniel 7:8, it says "I considered the horns, and
behold, there came up among them another little horn". References now made
in the verse which I have read to this same personality, which is used unto
this particular figure of speech "the little horn", it becomes obvious to us
as we read the description which is given here that this "little horn" is
none other than the Anti-Christ revealed in the New Testament. The more you
look at this personality, the more you will come to believe that this is the
Anti-Christ. I heard about an old lady in the rest home. She was just
staring at this old guy there. She just stared at him and stared at him.
In a little while she said, "You look like my third husband." He said, "Oh,
really? How many husbands have you had?" She said, "Two." The more you
look at this personality of the little horn and compare what the New
Testament says about the Anti-Christ the more you are convinced that this is
none other than a description of the Anti-Christ.
There are several things I want to discuss about this personality,
because I think it is important for us to understand who he is and how he
operates in order to live more correctly for the Lord in these last days. I
don't know about you, and I'm setting no dates. The Bible tells us that no
man knows the day, nor the hour when the Lord shall come, but I believe that
we are fast approaching the time when the Lord Jesus Christ is going to
return again. The end time prophesies, when compared to current events, are
remarkably parallel. One of the things that will take place in the end
times is that the situation on the earth will be moving in the direction of
accepting this personality, the Anti-Christ. Two thousand years ago, God
sent His Christ, the Lord Jesus, into the world. God offered Him to the
world as their Savi ...

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