by Jerry Vines

Daniel 7:9-12
Dr. Vines

Daniel is seeing in this chapter, a series of visions. One
vision after the other is presented to him. He says, "I was
continuing to see what God was unfolding to me." In verse nine where
it says, "I beheld till the thrones were cast down," most Bible
translators believe that a better rendering of that statement would
be, "I beheld until the thrones were set in place." Actually, here
you have a beginning or a putting together of the judgment throne and
judgment scene as God is getting ready to judge. We know this is true
because of the statement in verse 10. He says, "The judgment was
set." You have, in the beginning of the statement, the arranging of
the courtroom. When I was a boy one of the things I used to like to
do for entertainment was to go up to the courthouse and the
courtroom. I lived in a little countyseat town and knew most of the
lawyers. Some of them went to my church. Others didn't. But I knew
most of them and the judges. Some afternoons, after school was over,
I would go by the courthouse and go up to the floor where the
courtroom was. I would see them as they would make the arrangements.
They would get the chair where the prosecuting attorney would be,
where the defense lawyer would be, the jurors' chairs were set in
place, all the witnesses were prepared. Then the judge would come in.
It is an awesome scene when you stand in a court room. There is a
sense of solemnity about a courtroom. Something that causes you to
lower your voice. Kind of a hush that comes over you as you walk into
a court room scene. Imagine how it is going to be out there in the
future when men stand before God in a judgment scene. Notice he says
that the ancient of days did sit. Then in the tenth verse we are told
that people stood before the Lord. Back in the ninth verse it says
his throne was like a fiery flame. Of course, we have to keep in mind
that this scene was a great encouragem ...

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