by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines

The Song of Solomon is a love song. It is the Song of Songs which is Solomon's. Solomon
was a songwriter. The Bible tells us that he wrote 1005 songs along with the 3,000 proverbs that he
also wrote. This song is his song of songs. It was the greatest he ever wrote. Actually, it is a series of
songs within the song. All of them are love songs. Evidently it was composed on the basis of the love
affair and the union of Solomon with his beautiful Shulamite bride. Most couples have a song which is
"their" song. I remember when I called Janet for the first time and asked her for a date. She lived in
Atlanta and I was a Baptist preacher. She said, "well what would you like to do?" Being the romantic
guy that I was I asked, "do you know if there's a good revival in town anywhere?" She searched the
city of Atlanta for revival and there wasn't one anywhere. The best she could come up with was the
movie of the story of Ruth. We went to see the story of Ruth. I guess you might say on the basis of all
the revival meetings and all the church services we attended while we were dating that our love song
was "Amazing Grace." But most couples do have a love song - something is kind of special between
the two of them.
So, this is Solomon and his Bride's love song in which they share and celebrate their love for
one another.
Last week I indicated to you that we are going to study this book along two tracks. The minor
track is going to be the literal application because we see in this book a picture of the love the godly
love that ought to exist between a young man and a young woman who marry in the Lord and who
honor the Lord in their marriage in every area of that relationship. Along the way, I will from time to
time, have some things to say ab ...

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